Eolienne contrôlées à calage variable

Main generator axis, Pitch control axes

Generatrice haut rendement a entrainement direct et aimant permanent schema composition generatrice a entrainement direct


MARKET: Power generation (Wind Power)

PMC supplies big DD generators for wind generation system up to 3,3MW @16rpm. PMC develops big generator with double radial airgap, with thin ring technology, segmented, according to a solution patented from 1990. The generators work in direct drive on the turbine axis at low speed (10÷20rpm) allowing the gear chain overdrive removal.
Dimension: 5,5 ext. diam. for few tons.

PMC products used on the machine:

Moteur frameless, haute densité de couple, en kit

Big Torque frameless generator TK series with double axial airgap.

EG5500.X - Power gen.= 3,3MW @16rpm (Tnom=2.016kNm @16rpm)
TK.1150.150.x (Tnom=12.500Nm @35rpm – Tpeak=22.000Nm)