Des moteurs à entraînement direct Phase pour les voitures électriques

Direct drive and transaxle motors and drives for high performance electric cars

Mars 2013

Twin high performance motors in a single package, and the related high power drives, were developed for 4 wheel traction high performance electric cars. In a single package with around 300 mm diameter and 300 total length, with a total mass below 50 kg, two separate motors and universal joints were packed with an available torque of over 2000 Nm peak per axis and 120 kW total continuous power over a 4:1 speed range. A similar, smaller package equips the front wheels of a high performance, 4x4 sport electric vehicle. Phase also supply the water cooled, high current drives. Several other custom traction applications were developed by the Phase Motion Control vehicle team in the last decade, but only recently the electric vehicle seems to be coming of age.


Large low speed direct drive generators demonstrate lowest mass

4 mars 2014

Entrainement direct

Large low speed direct drive generators demonstrate lowest mass.

Renewable energy: A number of direct drive PM generators were developed, and are in production, drawing from the Company’s experience in large specialized PM motors and drives. Generators supplied range from 5 kW in fully packaged format, to frameless units in the 20-75 kW for mini wind power plant, to full size MW class generators in the multi patented double airgap modular technology which allows unprecedented advantage in terms of mass, ease of assembly and efficiency (link alla pagina News). Additionally, low speed generators are also supplied for mini hydro plants in the 50-200 kW range, for wave energy recovery, and for tidal energy recovery. Phase Motion Control activities span all electromechanical and electronic renewable energy fields.

Des moteurs TK dans le domaine de la propulsion maritime


Mars 2013

Moteur TK propulsion maritime

A number of hybrid traction systems are developed by Phase Motion Control for traction and sea propulsion. Sailboats use the hybrid motor system to sail electrically both in harbor and at sea with range extended to several hours; battery recharging is achieved either by the drag on the propeller during sailing, or by the diesel engine, or by plugging in when moored. Conventional motoring is possible as well as ultra smooth maneuvering when mooring. Additionally,the Phase Motion Control water cooled power pack provides AC power for on board services. Considering the average use of the IC engine in a sailboat, the hybrid motor system shrinks average fuel usage to nearly 0. Power hybrid systems and components (motor generators, power packs) are produced in the 30-80 kW range.

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