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Domaine : Machine-outil (secteur automobile)

Machines tools for high productions parts.
The spindle is mounted directly on the load. PMC supplies rotor-stator units DD for spindles, axes and change tools head. The main spindle supplies 500Nm @8000rpm (ext. diam.240mm). The key of application is high torque at high speed in a radial compact volume, using the spindle the as an axis load.

Produit Phase Motion Control utilisé sur ce type de produit :

Torque frameless motors TK series

Moteur frameless, haute densité de couple, en kit

TK.450.650.x (Tnom=7.000Nm @80rpm – Tpeak=12.000Nm – max speed 800rpm)
TK.370.270.x (Tnom=1.600Nm @285rpm – Tpeak=2.500Nm – max speed 1.600rpm)
TK.240.340.x (Tnom=809Nm @555rpm – Tpeak=1.300Nm – max speed 4.000rpm)
TK.240.240.x (Tnom=470Nm @1.030rpm – Tpeak=750Nm – max speed 4.200rpm)
TK.164.070.x (Tnom=62Nm @2.000rpm – Tpeak=92Nm – max speed 8000rpm)